Frequently Asked Questions

Does OverDrive Have Artist Endorsements or do Custom Picks?

We can print small Custom Orders for anyone! Please submit an email to us for additional information.

"Exclusive" or "Sole Distribution", and "better" pricing

OverDrive has very specific requirements to be considered an "exclusive" or "Sole Distributor" of our products.

In rare circumstances, when an opening order is of large dollar volume, and following orders are also large, we will discuss exclusive deals. Each request will be considered on its own merits, and will be reviewed every 6 months if granted. We do not allow the use of "Exclusive" to be used on any advertising or in talking with customers or stores unless such an arrangement has been agreed upon with OverDrive.

Bank Check Information

At this time, OverDrive will only accept bank checks from U.S. or Canadian Distributors. Please note: Your order will not ship until the check has cleared!

Terms / On Account Information

All initial orders must be paid via Credit Card or Wire Transfer to establish an initial account. Please contact our Finance Director via the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any further questions.

Wire Transfer Information

Please inquire for information to assist in wire transferring your funds. For EU countries, we do NOT have an IBAN number, but we do have a SWIFT code for our bank.

Credit Card / PayPal Information

At this time, OverDrive will only accept credit cards from Visa, Master Card or American Express, or PayPal as a payment method. We do NOT accept Discover. Please inquire for PayPal transfer information.

Freight & Shipping Information

Concordia Freight

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shipping Method

In order for OverDrive to remain efficient with processing international orders, we have changed our shipping information and guidelines and they MUST be followed. For international shipments we use the following:

  • DHL
  • Concordia Freight
  • USPS (Restrictions on size and weight)

If you decide to use your own shipping company this is OK, however you MUST have all paperwork and/or documents filled out with that shipping company and arrange for them to pick up at our facility. As an example, we do not use UPS or Fed Ex for international shipments but if you have an account with either of these companies, we will send your invoice of merchandise to you via email and you will have to deal directly with that shipper and create your own label for the pickup of merchandise. All we would do at our facility is sign the paperwork when your shipper arrives for pick up. Most countries will allow this process but if your country does not allow this with UPS or Fed EX, you will have to use one of the 3 shipper's that we use.

If you use Concordia Freight, they will ship to a main airport in your country (which is a lot less money). In addition we can get door to door quotes for you as well. You must let us know which method you would prefer before we can get a quote from Concordia.

Continental US Orders are typically sent via UPS but we can accommodate other shipping companies if you have an account with them. Please inquire with your sales rep for details.

Shipping Time

OverDrive will endeavor to get distributor orders packaged and ready to ship within 5-10 business days of a finalized and confirmed Pro Forma invoice. We attempt to ship store orders within 2 business days after you place your order. While we attempt to keep all items in stock at all times, holidays, trade shows and special promotions can cause us to be temporarily out of stock at times. We appreciate your patience!

Shipping Errors

All shipping errors must be reported to OverDrive within 7 business days of delivery to qualify for credit.

New Accounts - Distributor Level Pricing

OverDrive established a policy in 2006 of requiring a minimum opening order and a minimum quarterly re-order level to receive distributor level pricing. We will discuss and evaluate minimum requirements on a store by store in the U.S., or country by country basis for our international distributors.